How To Fix A Slice
by Mark Moore

In the majority of my lessons I am asked "how to fix a slice". To fix a slice, first you must identify the cause of the slice.

The slice is caused by one and only one thing--an open clubface.  You can swing out to in or come over the top, but until you open the clubface it won't slice.  Let's identify the ways you can arrive at an open clubface.

Characteristics of a Slicer

To cure a slice, address all these causes at the same time and learn to hook the ball by doing the following (for a right hander):  

  1. Move the ball back in your stance toward your right heel (yes, your right heel)
  2. Close your shoulders the same amount that you moved the ball back.
  3. Align your left ear over your zipper at address (lean right).
  4. Turn your grip to the right so that you can see three knuckles with your left hand 
  5. Relax the grip pressure in your hands and arms
  6. Take the club in and up
  7. Turn the palm of your left hand towards you at the top of your swing (bow your wrist).
  8. Hold your shoulders back and make an arms only swing by rotating the left arm counter clockwise.
  9. You may find it helpful to tee the ball up to promote more of a baseball (around) swinging motion.

This will help to fix a slice and get you back on the course.

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