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Here you can learn more about Mark’s teaching philosophy, his insights and thoughts, and even ask him a question or two.

Mark taught with Hank Haney for eleven years and has quickly become one of the most sought after golf instructors in the Dallas, TX region for his insight and ability to help people play their best golf.

We all know golf is a tough game but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Mark brings the same energy and passion to every golf lesson whether that student is a Touring pro or a weekend warrior. You can and will improve! You just need the correct plan, after all, good golf only comes from good golf instruction. Are you ready to play your best golf?

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Success Story

Putting a New Spin on It

Putting a New Spin on It

In Dec. 2006, Richard Johnson decided he needed to make some changes to his ball flight. Eleven months later those changes resulted in two wins that vaulted him to #1 on the Nationwide Tour money list which earned him his PGA Tour card for the first time.

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Chipping can be defined as a shot with maximum ground time, minimum airtime. It is a versatile shot that can be played around the greens, out of trees or for a penetrating shot under the wind…

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What They Are Sayin

Adam Riddering

Mark Moore really helped my game. He has a great teaching style that helped me understand the strengths and weaknesses of my golf swing. My best finish on the Nationwide Tour was right after I started working with Mark.

Adam Riddering
Nationwide Tour


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