Richard Johnson
“Without the help of Mark Moore I could not have accomplished what I did in 2007.  His knowledge of the swing and his step by step planning allowed me to improve my golf swing while still being able to play competitive golf at the highest level.  I added significant distance and control through the one stated goal that we had–to reduce spin rates caused by problems in my swing.  I now have a far greater understanding of how the golf swing works and how to keep it efficient.”

Richard Johnson
PGA Tour
Scott Gardiner
“Hi my name is Scott Gardiner, I’m a Nationwide touring professional.
This year I started working with Mark Moore and my results improved immeasurably. At the time we started I was 156 on the money list. I finished the season at 30th position narrowly missing my PGA Tour card and looking forward to 2008 with great enthusiasm as a result of the work we did in 2007.

I went from hitting a steering fade to a strong draw under Mark’s tutelage enabling me to have my best season ever!

Mark is a great person, as well as being a great coach. His results speak volumes of his ability.”

Scott Gardiner
Nationwide Tour
Tommy Tolles
“Golf is arguably the most difficult game ever invented. Without proper instruction it’s damn near impossible. I have worked with Mark Moore on a half dozen or so occasions and I’ve seen instant improvement each time. More importantly the understanding of my swing increases as well. 

Each lesson we gradually worked toward a goal instead of making wholesale changes all at once. This allowed me to continue playing throughout the year with confidence and not the so called ‘ lost ‘ feeling.

Because we all know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You can only hope to shake them of their bad habits.”

Tommy Tolles
Nationwide Tour
Gary Christian
“Mark has a great eye for spotting faults and can quickly and simply correct them. The secret to good teaching is simplicity and clarity, attributes which Mark clearly displays.”

Gary Christian
Nationwide Tour
Keoke Cotner
“Golf is a gentleman’s sport and Mark is a gentleman. He has the knowledge and experience to teach this game, but most importantly his humble upbringing keeps him motivated to improve in both the professional and amateur arena.”

Keoke Cotner
Nationwide Tour
Boyd Summerhays
“Mark has worked with several Tour players and the results speak for themselves. Mark’s work ethic and passion for teaching are obvious every time we work together.”

Boyd Summerhays
PGA Tour
Eric Snow
“I played in three NBA Finals, so I know good coaching. Mark’s guidance and mentoring is incredible. I’m playing my best golf and I owe it all to Mark’s help.”

Eric Snow
Cleveland Cavaliers # 20
Adam Riddering
“Mark Moore really helped my game. He has a great teaching style that helped me understand the strengths and weaknesses of my golf swing. He gave me a better understanding of my ball flight and the causes of each shot. My best finish on the Nationwide Tour was right after I started working with Mark. If you want to improve your game I highly recommend working with Mark!

Adam Riddering
Nationwide Tour
Brian Wilson
“Mark is very knowledgeable about the golf swing. It is hard to find someone that has knowledge, cares about the students he is teaching and has good morals and values. Mark has all these qualities and and has the patience to help you play better.”

Brian Wilson
Former PGA Tour Player
Mike DeJean
“As a pitcher, I need speed and control with the ball. I lost both with my golf game. After Mark’s help on the range, I got all my distance back and then some and the control was much better. We went and played and I never hit it so good. Mark really knows how to teach and he’s a super guy. I can vouch for that!”

Mike DeJean
Houston Astros # 18
Tommy Kim
“The changes are starting to come around.  Today in 30+ mph winds I had the best round of my life!  Unbelievable!!  Thanks to you.  I had a 215 yd shot and hit a high draw to two feet for eagle with a back left pin on par five.  It’s fun again.  The short game is tons better.  Thanks man!”

Tommy Kim
Harmon Tour
B.J. Pitzen
“Mark Moore is precise and innovative with his teaching methods.  He does not use a cookie cutter mentality/approach while giving lessons.  Mark took my swing and worked with what I had…obviously knowing it wasn’t perfect.  I don’t want to swing like anyone else…my body shape is different, my athletic ability is not the same, and my experience is not the same.  Mark helped me to find my swing without re-doing it to fit the mold of what people may think of as a “Hank Haney” move.  I can do what I do, only better.   Thanks for making things simple, Mark!”

B.J. Pitzen
Hooters Tour


“I had one of my better games in a long time, with lots of nice long drives. I think it was my best game ever…I wouldn’t have played near as well without your assistance. It’s the best golf instruction I ever had.”
Acuzena G.


Thank you so much for helping me.  I really enjoyed it.  You make it fun.  This is the most fun I’ve had in years!”
Bob M.

“I’ve seen a significant improvement in my short game, especially with the short wedge shots, longer wedge shots and gaining confidence with both. Your teaching style is very good and I don’t know when I have been able to put changes into place any quicker.”
Bruce B.
“One lesson from you and I played the most enjoyable round of my life. I’ve never broken 100, but with no mulligans, 3 penalty strokes, and poor putting I shot a 91. Thanks to you my mid to short irons were great and my chipping was much improved.”
Carl H.

“Mark is without doubt the best teacher and best golf instructor I have worked with. Before Mark, I had seen a lot of top teaching pros and none of them gave me anywhere near as much improvement as Mark did. He fixed my ball flight, got me striking the ball more solidly and brought my swing closer to the plane. I also enjoyed working with Mark more than I did anybody else, Mark showed me he really cares about his students and his enthusiasm for teaching is there for all to see which really gave me confidence that I was going to hit better shots, play better golf and enjoy the game more.

What was most impressive about Mark was that he identified a plan to help me get better and his communication was first class. He made it very easy for me to understand what he wanted me to do by not only explaining what changes I needed to make, but by getting his hands on the club and putting me in the positions he wanted me to achieve. This was different to any other instructor I had been to before and it allowed me to improve much faster by giving me the feeling of where I needed to be during the swing and in doing so we built a great relationship and we had a lot of fun.”
Chris F.

“Mark has been instrumental in furthering my understanding of the golf swing which has helped me and my students. He has shown me some different concepts and ways of looking at things that I had never heard of or thought of before. All his efforts simplified the swing and my results are much better now.

Chris K.
“Hey Mark, hope all is well. I’m seeing results in my swing!!!! I shot 73-72 last week. That being said, I think I can still go lower. My putting is doing pretty well but do you have any quick fixes for chipping? I don’t always get my trajectory right. Monte’s swing is looking good and Don is coming around. Thanks and have a blessed week,”
Cody R.
“Hey Mark! What’s up? Over the last couple of weeks I have been seeing ball flights that were non existent since I picked up a club in my life time. (Good shots)… Mark I just want you to know that I am very grateful for the time you spent with me, and the extra time getting back to me on these emails. If I could have met you 5 years ago my life may be a little different today. But I guess its better late than never. I can’t wait for next season and working with you more.”
Cole T.
“Mark Moore is simply the best teacher I’ve ever worked with. He has taught me the mechanics and merits of an on-plane swing which has afforded me the ability to hit high, soft, turnover shots like the most successful touring pros hit.”
Craig B.

“Thanks for the lessons!!! Incredible results! Started to give you an emergency request to come observe. It works beautifully!!! I needed a third hand. I could not attack it hard enough.  Beautiful. Incredible! Thanks tremendously.”
Craig B.

“Mark, I’d like to thank you for your patience in teaching me how to improve my golf swing. Your knowledge and ability to see my previous golf swing flaws and make the correct diagnosis and a plan for me to get better is simply amazing! Before my changes, my scores were so erratic and ranged anywhere from the high 80’s to 100. Today, I am consistently shooting in the low 80s and will hopefully hit the 70’s soon. You made the game so much more fun for me. Thanks again for all your help.”
Dan G.

“Thanks for the lesson today. Like I told you before our lesson I had been as low as 2 handicap as a junior and then suffered an injury to my back & neck. When I returned to playing I had lost my game totally! In particular with my tee shots, I would block my drives sometimes 40 yards right and then on the next tee I would pull hook the ball 40 yards left!! I just couldn’t get the ball in play; I started leaving my driver at home and was eventually leaving my 3 wood there too!! I was down to hitting 6 iron off the tee just to get the ball in play!

You explained to me the importance of having a plan and relating everything you change in the swing to changing the ball flight. I finally understand the swing plane and how that affects the ball flight. Today’s lesson was different than any other coach or golf lesson I had received before. Most coaches previously would talk me to death on the mechanics of the swing and I would have 18 different swing thoughts just to get a backswing! My brain was so overloaded with technical info from them all. They would tell me what I should feel or think in order to change the swing, but never actually give me the feeling of how to change it.

You just got me thinking simpler but also much more specific. The concept of making practice swings without a ball was different from any other lesson I’d had before, usually the coach would talk and show me the swing on the computer screen then just let me hit balls, and I would still hit poor shots. But none ever moved me and gave me the feeling like you did.

When you finally allowed me to hit a ball the result was amazing! The strike and the ball flight was the best I’d ever had! Even better than before my injury and loss of game and the feeling was very different. I had never known it was possible to hit golf shots like that. My golf lesson was probably the first I have ever had that was fun! It was hard work but it was great fun, I enjoyed the hard work. And most importantly I had instant results and improvement; I hit the ball better and had more faith in myself and my swing. I know what to work on and I know I made progress with my swing and am getting it back on the right track. You are the best coach I have ever had and I only wish I lived closer so that I could see you on a more regular basis.

Dan P.

“Thanks you for the lesson that you gave me last Sunday. It was very interesting and I learned a lot. I fully believe in the changes and I am committed to doing what you recommended.

Denny L.
“Mark Moore is a great teacher. He is an excellent diagnostician. He has a clear idea what needs to be done to build a good golf swing or what to fix in the case of an ailing golf swing. He is an excellent communicator. He is loaded with talent.

Don B.
“Thanks for making (my lesson) not only enjoyable but informative as well. You were patient and supportive; I am doing much better now.

Don H.
“Looking forward to seeing you again. The golf swing is coming along. It seems that the mechanics are becoming less mechanical and more repeatable. I am hitting the ball great on the range… My yardages are all over the place but a good 20 to 25 yards longer on average… I think the whole process is a blast and your teaching style and methods are awesome!

Don T.
“I have seen lots of people teach. Mark enhanced my ability to play the game better than anyone else has. I am now able to enjoy the game and play at a level that I am pleased with.

Ernie K.
“I took a lesson from you, I was the left handed regriper (duct tape!)… all my friends thought I was funny until I took their money. Thanks for the lesson.

Greg J.
“Thank you for your time and commitment to ensure that (my son) fully understood the message you were trying to deliver, and for keeping his attention. I witnessed his swing grow from a choppy ‘try not to miss’ approach to a smooth swing, by the end of the class. This has provided him a solid foundation…he can build on for years to come.

Greg S.

Evidently, you are a great teacher!  I was struggling and after our lesson last night I felt much better and played much better and shot a 76 to finish low man on our high school team and 3rd overall.


Haiden M.

Hi Mark,
It was nice meeting you this past weekend.
I really enjoyed the lesson and learning about the mistakes I have been making and how to correct at least a few of them
I played Devils Pulpit this afternoon and had my best round ever at this course- if I could have chipped and putted a little better I would have shot under 80 (would have been a first for me).
Hopefully you will be making another trip to Muskoka next year and we can spend some more time together at the range and get you in the water for a ski.
Hope things are going well for you and thanks for the help on the golf swing and grip.
Best Regards,

James M.

“I struck the ball wonderfully for my 1st swings since the lesson. The concept you shared was a powerful image that finally helped me to “see” how I could accomplish what you had worked with me on the 1st lesson.

Jeff J.


First I just wanted to let you know that Zach just finished his 4A state tournament yesterday here in Oklahoma. He played at Lake Hefner North in OKC.  He did pretty well.  He was happy because he hit the ball really well. His 2nd round, I think he only missed one green and he missed several reasonable birdie putts he could have converted. His confidence for his swing seems to grow each outing. 

I wanted to thank you for your interest in Zach and the genuine desire to help him. I looked at your website and feel that it should give him some inspiration that a Christian life and golf can coexist. He nor I would think it would be inappropriate to include the spiritual side of life in any conversation you have with him or myself.

Thank you

Jerry M.

“Thank You – I never had a bogie putt of greater than a tap-in. After I bogied #13, I shot a 70! I am excited about the results and look forward to continue to work with you.

Jim T.
“Mark has an excellent understanding of swing mechanics which makes him a great instructor for both the beginner as well as the low handicap player.

Josh S.

Thanks Mark!  I went to the range and hit the 6 iron 40 yds. longer than I had earlier.
I seem so much more balanced and the backswing seems easier.  Going to practice and then set up a lesson with you next week.


Ken M.

“I just had my first hole-in-one. I used a 7 wood from 182 yards. I couldn’t even hit my driver that far two months ago. Thanks for all your help.

Locke J.
“I felt like today was my best effort so far… you are such a good teacher because you are patient and encouraging.

Marcus L.
“I just wanted to compliment you and thank you for everything you have taught, because I am hitting the ball much, much better right now…I have as much confidence with my irons as I ever have! Yesterday, I hit the ball as consistently solid as I can remember in a long time.

Matt C.
“In golf, hope is not a strategy. For years I had hoped and prayed that my game would improve. I thought improvement came from practice. After one lesson with Mark, I realized I was practicing the wrong things. I now know what it takes to improve and I dropped 10 strokes from my best round of 93 to 83 in the first month just by not chasing balls into the woods.

Michael W.
“I just wanted to compliment you and thank you for everything you have taught, because I am hitting the ball much, much better right now… I have as much confidence with my irons as I ever have!

Mike D.
“This season found me breaking 80 for the 1st time (actually three times) and my handicap has come down 4 strokes. I am quite pleased, this would not have happened without your assistance.

Mike M.
“Mark is a great golf coach and teacher. I had developed several bad habits after I broke my leg and I was quickly able to get my swing back in shape with Mark’s help. I am a visual-feel learner and Mark is very good about telling his students what they should be feeling and demonstrating what the swing should look like.

Mike S.
“Thanks for your help to get me started on the right path… my grip, stance, swing, balance.. Well let’s face it – there wasn’t much that didn’t get completely changed

Nina F.
“Hey my bro, just wanted to give you a report on my best round ever! I played yesterday and according to the GPS I hit one drive 320 yards. It must have hit the downslope over this trap but I did hit it good. I did hit a couple that went about 300 yards so I lknow I wasn’t getting lucky. I owe it all to you!!! I was killing my hybrid. The day before I was hitting great 5 irons at the range, but not as well when I played but my misses are so much better now. We need to work on my wedge game, but I’m loving it! I used to hate this game and those crappy 220 yard drives that I hit but now I’m having so much fun! Thanks again.

Orlando S.
“Mark is a great teacher with excellent communication skills. He has motivated me to get more out of my game and has definitely raised my expectations concerning my abilities.

Phil B.
“I was a 14 handicap and within three weeks I was consistently shooting in the 70’s thanks to Mark’s help. I even shot my lowest round in three years, a 74.

Randy G.
“I really learned a lot… I am sure it will make me a better instructor with my own students. Your help down on the range was very great.

Rea H.
“As a pastor I get invited to play golf from time to time. Through the years I would accept the invitation just to be outside with some guys and get a little fresh air. It would usually turn into a combination of ditch digging and an expensive Easter egg hunt. If I left the course with more balls than I went with I had a good day. When your bowling score is about the same as your golf score and you’re not very good at either one it is a disaster.
Along the way Mark Moore, a long time friend and member of our church, kept offering to teach me to play golf. I usually blew him off.
Eventually, after making a fool of myself and wearing out the patience of everyone who asked me to play got old, I agreed to lessons.
Wow! What a challenge but what a change.
It has taken some time but not as much as I thought. Professional instruction with persistent practice can actually result in a pleasurable round of golf. I haven’t broken 94 yet but that is way better than anything I shot before.
I highly recommend Mark.

Richard E.
“…I just got back from the driving range and I was hitting the ball much more consistently… This was a breakthrough lesson for me.

Richard G.
“Your approach to chipping had me making solid ball contact every time. You’ve built an excitement for the game that I haven’t had for a while.

Rod M.
“Mark has improved all facets of my game, such that I was able to win my club championship by 11 shots.

Sam M.
“Mark is a great golf instructor. He really helped me be more consistent with my swing and he helped me analyze my shots and thinking on the course. He helped me improve my game further more by eliminating those “stupid strokes.” With his help and my new course management, I’ve played some of my best rounds just thinking smarter out on the course. So thanks Mark!

Stephanie T.

“Mark you are an absolutely wonderful golf instructor. I just wanted to thank you for all your help over the past couple months. Your explanations and techniques are so easy to understand and I don’t get all caught up in the technical. As a result, I now have a ball flight on my 5 and 6 irons that I have not had in 40 years of playing golf. It has been a huge difference in shot selection to
elevated greens.

My scores have easily gone down an average of 5 shots per round. You put the thrill in the game for me with my new found ball flight with mid irons. My putting and chipping is so much better I actually chipped in 3 times since our chipping lesson. I gave a one hour lesson with you as a college graduation gift to a two handicap player. He too had nothing but absolutely great things to say about your teaching. Thanks for all your help. I’ll see you soon

Sue N.

“Mark, thanks for all your help. Your personality and teaching style continue to build confidence in my golf game. My overall enjoyment and score has improved insignificantly because of you. Thanks, again.

Ted P.
“Good golf lesson today. Yeah, you’re right. I did not think you knew what you were doing but WHALA, in 5 mins you had me fixed. I’m definitely back to drawing the ball and hitting some much better shots. Thanks!

Willie R.