Daily Routine

To succeed at anything, you must have a plan and the mental discipline to stick to it. This is a typical breakdown of my average day:


My day starts and ends with checking in with headquarters. I remind God of who He is and who I am not. I thank God for a new day and His blessings, then I ask for His guidance and direction and what His plans are for me and that all I do today will be done to His glory.


I try to get 2 workouts in each day (ok try), five days out of the week schedule permitting. I begin with a 30 minute run in the morning and finish with weights in the afternoon. If I’m unable to complete both, I will lift first and finish with a 10 minute run.


I love to cook and make healthy meals. The flavor of home cooked meals with fresh ingredients is so worth the effort. I love some spice in my food, whether it’s seafood or soul food, just spice it up!  Nutrition is important. Food is fuel so I keep it clean and limit junk food (it is called junk for a reason). I eat a lot of things known as superfoods like chlorella, spirulina, eggs, etc., and of course MonaVie like PGA golfer Bo Van Pelt, Charles Howell III, as well as many of the top athletes from other sports. 


I have a strong desire to get something accomplished each day. That accomplishment could be work related or relaxation but whatever goals I set for the day I accomplish so I have less to do tomorrow.

Quiet Time

It is all about balance. I try to find 30 minutes a day to slow things down and not be distracted (cell phones off) it really helps me keep the stress down.  My 30 minutes can include fishing, taking a nap, painting or reading; as long as it’s quiet time.


For golf, balance is important. I’m talking one side being dominant because golf is a one sided sport, eventually one side will be stronger than the other and that imbalance will result in the potential for an injury. I swing left handed a lot to try to offset the many right handed swings that I make.

My suggestion to you is to find a personal trainer and assess your range of motion and imbalances.  If one side is stronger than the other, then the other side can not hold your bone structure in place. Then you can end up with back pain and injuries.

I do typical gym stuff, my routine of lifting of weights changes each day:

  • Abs, chest, shoulders
  • Back, triceps
  • Legs, biceps
  • Training in multiple planes for golf specific speed and agility

Cardio is so important.  I try to run three miles (30 minutes) and mix it up w/interval sprints or a crazy agility workout I do.  For golf you want to train to be faster not bigger, stronger not bulkier.  I also stretch after running.


My faith is very important to me. It keeps my stress levels near zero. When my vertical relationship (me and God) is working, it is amazing how well everything else just seems to fall into place.  Never thought I could have as much fun and joy in my life as I do now.


I make an effort to get my eight hours of sleep to reach a full level of REM. This is where all the repair is made from my grueling workout and also to be recharged for all I have to do tomorrow.